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SCHIMB/Vand Translator- mini calculator PS-5400

SCHIMB/Vand Translator- mini calculator PS-5400 Adjud 100 Adjud

VAND /SCHIMB SAU LE POT TRIMITE IN RAMBURS LA DIVERSE ARTICOLE!Trimit prin curier doar cu plata in avans in cont .Asta din cauza persoanelor care nu ridica coletele. Texas Instruments PS-5400 Translator -INCAPE INTR-UN BUZUNAR-Fara defecte,carcasa nu are zgarieturi si nici displaiul-perfect functionabil pentru deplasari in strainatate mai ales pentru cei care nu stiu o limba de circulatie internationala, traduce propozitii in Engleza,Franceza Germana,Italiana,Spaniola. PRET FIX 100 LEI NU INCERCATI SA NEGOCIATI. Raspund in scris.Daca sunteti interesati lasati un mesaj cu numarul dumneavoastra de telefon si va contactez eu. Urmariti si celelalte anunturi din pagina mea! Date of introduction: Display technology: LCD dot matrix New price: Display size: 12 char . Size: 2.8" x 4.5" x 0.55" 70 x 114 x 14 mm3 Weight: 2.9 ounces, 81 grams Serial No: 1211598 Batteries: 2*CR2025 Date of manufacture: mth 12 year 1992 AC-Adapter: Origin of manufacture: Taiwan (I) Precision: 10 Integrated circuits: CPU: Toshiba TMP0211F ROM: IEC10503-03 Memories: 1 Program steps: Courtesy of: Joerg Woerner PS-5400_BACK.jpg (298815 Byte)The PS-5400 Translator was introduced about two years after the first Pocket Translator PS-5600. Instead the foldable housing with a wide display line a housing similar to the early Databanks, e.g. the PS-2400 was used. The internal memory stores over 5,000 words and 940 small sentences in 15 different categories. Each word is available in five different laguanges: • English • French • German • Italian • Spanish By simply choosing a word or sentence in one of the five languages the other four languages can be displayed. The PS-5400 integrated not only a Translator, but a calculator, a clock with alarm functions and even the world-time of 23 cities. PS-5400_PCB.jpg (429107 Byte)The hardware of the PS-5600 uses an identical microcomputer to the one found in the TI-5128 desktop calculator but added a huge memory to store all the words and sentences. PS-5400_CPU.jpg (148539 Byte)The Toshiba TMP0211F single-chip microcomputer located in the PS-5400 is probably a 4-bit design similiar to the TMP04xx family used in most calculator of that era. PS-5400_ROM.jpg (72806 Byte)The IEC10503 ROM stores more than 5,000 words and 940 small sentences in five different languages. Think about 10 characters per word, 30 characters per sentence and 5 bits per character by 5 languages and you would need about 1,955,000 bits or 256k Byte. ! The featured PS-5400 was manufactured in Taiwan by Inventec Corporation, production was later shifted to Malaysia.